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Curly Dog Healthcare Conference Management (CDC) plans, markets, organizes and manages conferences and exhibitions for the clinical and paraclinical audience.

About Us

Curly Dog Healthcare Conference Management is an incorporated full service event management company with 23 years experience specializing in the healthcare sector. CDC's mission is to provide an effective venue for medical knowledge sharing, professional development, and a practical approach to learning through conference event attendance.

We believe a successful event should be interactive, innovative and engaging to the audience, and result in increased message retention. We will strive to accomplish this challenge for our clients.
– Lisa Lipowski, BSc, CMP, President; lisa@curlydog.ca

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CDC has expertise in the medical disciplines and specialties as well as related organizations.


Why Choose CDC?

CDC's client base has no borders. Today's technology keeps us in touch with you no matter where you are located. We have a large network of suppliers and related service providers. Because our home-office is based in Canada, our staff is ready to serve you in English or French. We are a small organization with a low overhead compared to our larger competitors and as result we can offer cost savings to our clients.


CDC – your source for creative total quality healthcare conference management

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